Wife Of Canada Prime Minister Sophie Gregoire Test Positive For Corona Virus

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife will remain on the quarantine for 14 days, after his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was diagnosed with the corona virus.

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 Sophie Gregoire Trudeau "is getting better and the symptoms are worse" said the Prime Minister's communications director.

 Mr Trudeau will also be on quarantine as a precautionary measure.  He will not be tested in the current stages as he shows no signs of infection.

 On her Twitter page, Ms Sophie wrote "I'll be back in good health soon,"

 Ms Trudeau said she had experienced unusual symptoms and added that "being in quarantine is nothing compared to other families in Canada who go through these".

 "I encourage and keep them in my thoughts (but more than just" I wish them good health "I give them away!)," He said.

 US President Donald Trump has said he has no plans to test the virus, although he was approached by a Brazilian official who was recently diagnosed with the virus.

 The US White House said there had been no talks with the Brazilian official, so there was no need to test.

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