UVCCM Captures City Mayor Car With a Driver ...... CHADEMA Credit Cursors Captured

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CCM Youth Union Chairman (UVCCM) Kinondoni District, Lilian Rwebangira, said they had seized the Dar es Salaam Mayor's car at  CCM district offices  in Kinondoni District with two young men dressed in the ruling party.

Rwebangira said the appearance of the vehicle was Chadema's plot to disrupt the February 17 elections and that they had already reached the issue at the Magomeni Police Station where his driver was arrested alongside the vehicle.

Kinondoni Regional Police Commander, Tuesday, Murilo confirmed the arrest of the car and said, "The car was being investigated since yesterday, so  long ago it has gone, I do not know where they have been in the investigation."

However, Chadema's leadership has denied the conspiracy against the CCM and said that it is the ruling party's demands to disrupt the election.

The Mayor of Dar es Salaam City, Isaiah Mwita was not immediately found to discuss the incident but Chadema Youth Chairman Patrick Ole Sosopi said last night after the Omita review session complained that his driver was not visible.

Alas Sosopi claimed that the CCM wanted to create an environment to disrupt the polls, under the pretext that Chadema had initiated.

"How could Chadema's driver go to CCM! To do what? They are trying to pre-empty so it's a mess to say it's us. I ask the police force to take action, because this is unacceptable, "said Sosopi.

He alleged that the driver was captured by the CCM people at nine o'clock in the afternoon and was left at noon after he was arrested.

Commenting on the incident yesterday, the chairperson of the UVCCM, said the mayor of the mayor was arrested at 2:30 pm at CCM Kinondoni's office and when he was asked he made it clear that he went to park with another reason that he had sent him to Mita at a meeting in nearby areas.

"We searched for a driver's phone and identified a communication with the mayor of the city asking him" Who are you there? "," What's the matter with you? ". All of that is a colleague's plot to disrupt the election, and we now ask the police force to do his work in justice, "said Rwebangira.

He alleged that the two young men in the vehicle escaped but were identified in the same name as Godfrey and Alex and would help the police force to get them because they were known for violence in Kigamboni.

"We have been receiving reports that the mayor's office is misused. We can not stop these things going on, our donors must take action, "said the chairman.

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