Trump responds to Jay Z about Africa and 'Black Americans'

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US President Donald Trump has reprimanded Jay Z for what he said in an interview with CNN on the discriminatory pronunciation allegedly released by the leader.

Speaking in a special interview during the Van Jones Show period this week, the fighter whose real name is Shawn Carter criticized criticism of Trump's so-called African countries as a dirty land.

"Yes, it hurts and frightens us. Everyone felt angry.
After anger it hurts as one despises all people, "he added and added that although he rejected the pronunciation, so people are talking about it.

The boss went away criticizing Trump for discriminatory acts and calling him a superb bug.

He argued that the United States has now increased the number of jobs for African countries as claimed by the Trump Government.

Today, Trump has been using the Internet as usual and replies Jay-Z calling him a name, insisting that since he entered the power of a number of unemployed American Americans has dropped.

"Someone told Jay-Z that, because of my policies, unemployed black people have been reported to be in the Dangerous Cause of Extermination," read Tump's tweet.

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