TIMEMEMI orders secondary school Njombe to be investigated after all students get 0

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Deputy Minister of the Presidency - Speaker, Joseph Kakunda has ordered Njombe Regional Executive Director to investigate the fourth-grade test results at Njombe Secondary School. In the results announced on Tuesday, January 30, 2013 by the Tanzanian Examinations Council (Necta), the school in test results held in October and November last year all 21 candidates have received zero degrees (0). Deputy Minister Kakunda has issued an order to be investigated today on January 31, 2011, in the parliament in response to a question by the member of Buyungu (Chadema), Samson Bilago. Bilago wanted to know why schools of special-school pupils are doing bad at the exams. Speaking of it, the Minister of State, the Presidential Office - Public Service Management and Good Governance, George Mkuchika said specialist teachers will get jobs without waiting for a delay. Mchichika said they are waiting for a list of teachers. He was responding to the question of the Rombo MP (Chadema), Joseph Selasini, who presented a model for deaf students of specialist students who did badly in the results of fourth-party examinations saying it was due to lack of teachers.

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