The reasons led to the government to terminate the 'passport' delivery of categories

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The government has terminated the total passport 'passport' passport until it comes to a formal and positive framework between the government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the government of the respective countries.

It was said by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Dr Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba following the presence of torture, harassment and torture campaigns for some Tanzanians traveling abroad for various tasks including internal work.

"I have received the torture reports of our immigrants for different jobs .... I am suspending the provision of general pasport for youth clubs who have been confronted with the incapacity campaigns, harassment, brutal torture and other mortgages on drugs issues. we stop until we have set up a formal procedure and a good procedure between the government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the government of the country where there will be such a need, "said Minister Dr Nchemba.

Minister Dr Nchemba has stated that the action has been taken to assist Tanzanians in the face of torture and cruelty including drug deduction and passport kidnapping and harassment.

Similarly, Minister Nchemba has stated that there has been a tendency for people to enter foreign citizens in the country and when they introduce them to other activities that are different from existing in their permits, urging all who are doing so to report today, and in that case they will be considered strict legal action.

"Your citizens are coming into groups in our country, and those who bring them use different reasons when they come in, and when they come in, they make different activities with those who apply for the permits. All applicants and subsequently use such permits or perform different roles and applicants, violate the law and will come to the law, "said Minister Nchemba.

"These people pointing to me this day report to the border commissioner and the Commissioner of Permits ... and until evening they will not report, be caught and come to the law, so that the law can get its way," added Minister Nchemba.

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