The Prophet Titus Attempts to Suicide .... Heighted by Cloud 25

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Two days after being arrested by police in an interview with Tito Machibi, a prominent Tito prophet, he is allegedly attempted suicide by stroke and razor stomach and stolen 25 degrees.

Tito's prophet was arrested by police in Dodoma for allegedly teaching religious doctrines to encourage people to drink alcohol because they were not guilty of marrying their domestic workers, however, saying that the prophet had problems with the mind that was confirmed by a medical practitioner Miley Cyrus Dodoma.

It is alleged that yesterday police accompanied the prophet at his home in Ng'ong'ona for investigations where he went inside and out of the abdomen in the stomach while holding a razor in the cell where he ordered the police to evacuate the Dodoma Regional Police Station.

One medical practitioner on condition of the name said the prophet was sentenced at nine o'clock in the afternoon with severe injuries in the womb.

"He was sentenced to 25 degrees Fahrenheit [25 degrees Fahrenheit [25 ° C]] and was allowed because he did not have any other problem and then his injury did not open inwardly, so he did not get too much blood transfusions and left with the soldiers.

When Dodoma Police Commander, Gilles Muroto was asked about the incident, he did not notice.

Source: Tanzanian

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