Man: I Made Male Decisions Moving CUF .... Right Now To The President's Number I Have

The Kinondoni State candidate through the CCM, Maulid Said Mtulia said he has made a male decision to move to the party right now because there are many who want to do so but have failed to claim to be paid for buying.

Minister of State Tamisemi's Office, Selemani Jafo has ordered district officials and directors of the DEDs to keep the secret of the Government. Jafo issued the statement today on January 29, 2011, in Dodoma, opening a training training for district officials and six regional directors. This training is a continuation of what is presented to the leaders of the forum. Minister Jafo said government construction would be good if the leaders were careful and secretive. "How do you be when the district director or district secretary sends government secrets to social networks and many you see on WhatsApp, it's embarrassing," said Jafo. He urged directors to identify and manage development projects in collecting revenue and using them well and especially domestically. Image result for mchanganyiko Jafo has said a major problem for the directors is not making a quick decision. The man has said this while he continues to register for the people of the state of Kinondoni which he previously held on behalf of his CUF party before releasing his membership and going to support President Magufuli in his efforts to build the country. "The resignation of the parliament is not a game, I have made male decisions because there are some of my colleagues so far that they can not leave because they are waiting for a back-up." Now a young man like me staying there waiting for a back-up really can not survive waiting for a back ", said the Man. In addition, the man has said he has helped himself to move his former party so that he can fight for the people of the state because he had previously failed to carry out his duties properly due to divisions within their party. "My peers of 10 MPs were dismissed CUF membership, you did not know, wait for me to be honored or have a bad spirit with me." Here I am flying to thank you and thank you for being safe and standing again for the kids here I'm asking for a parliamentary argument or that's a betrayal. CCM because I love Magufuli balaah ", he asked the Man. Despite this, Manlia surprised some people by saying he had served Parliament for two years and had participated in all parliamentary sessions but could not have the number of President Magufuli. "Today I tell you my secret, I was a MP for two years President Magufuli's number I did not have but now the number I have. So what are you looking for if you want to develop these," emphasized the Man. On the other hand, the person has told the Kinondoni State citizens if they choose him in the destination plans scheduled for early February 17 in 2018 then they will have developed a self-reliance grade.

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