The Counselor Counselor promotes contributions at school Despite the Government's Prevention

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Ngara District Executive Director, Aidan Bahama has asked various stakeholders to contribute to education in the district in spite of the Government's contribution to funding contributions to schools.

Bahamas issued the statement yesterday, January 25, 2018, talking with senior school principals, board members, and boarding officials at the work session.

He said after a statement by President John Magufuli to ban a contribution to school in order to implement a free education program, the leaders should be able to handle the mandate despite the challenges of the education sector.

He said fundraising stakeholders will be able to reduce the shortage of classrooms, toilets, benches, teachers' houses and other needs.

 "We do not intend to contribute to the development of schools but to be strictly followed by ensuring that the teacher does not have to hold the funds. The teacher remains to teach students, "he said.

He said many schools in the district have enrolled in many students, some of which have more than 120 students.

She said the Swash organization volunteered Sh1.2 billion for building toilets in some of the primary schools in the district.

Muganza's county education committee, Mohamed Namtimba said some primary and secondary schools will be affected after the termination of the contributions to the statement that the contributions were being used to pay guards and buy food for students.

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