The Chief Justice Corrects the Judiciary

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And Lydia Churi-Courts Tanzania's Chief Justice Hon. Prof. Ibrahim Hamis Juma has asked the Judiciary staff to provide services based on Ethics, to ensure that cases are expired and to stop corruption practices in order to increase the faith of the people at the same axis. Launching the Legal Week and Legal Education Exhibit yesterday at the Mnazi Mmoja squares in Dar es Salaam, the High Court stated that the power of the Court is the belief of the people and the belief will increase if there is no corruption, there are good values ​​and cases will be expired. The High Court also urged the people to stop complaining to the Court and instead to take action by referring to the non-ethical servants of the Court. In addition, he has advised citizens to learn and understand the procedures for counseling in the courts to simplify their access to their rights as they seek out the various courts in the country. "Most citizens are going to seek justice in an unnecessary way so they need to learn the procedures of the Court so that they can get the right in time for a lot of time lost by seeking justice in the wrong place," said Prof. Sunday. He said that the Court now enters the use of Information Technology and Communication- TEAMS, so the use will help the citizen to understand all the steps of his present case in court. The Chief Justice has appealed to the majority of people to appear in the Mnazi Mmoja squares in order to obtain education on various issues relating to the Court and the general law sector. He said, in the exhibition, the people would have the opportunity to learn about court proceedings, the Mobile Courts and the challenges of access to justice including staff shortages, infrastructure, and equipment. Commenting on the mediation proceedings, the Chief Justice has said that it has now come to the people to use the process to simplify the acquisition of justice and to increase the rightness of justice for domestic reconciliation. In addition, before launching the weekend, the Chief Justice led the movements involving the Judiciary, stakeholders and the general public from the Kisutu Magistrate's Court to the Mnazi Mmoja Stadium. These visits were also attended by Government officials including the Constitutional Minister and the Act. Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi, Secretary General of the Ministry Prof. We need to disagree with the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice and the Law, Amon Mpanju.

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