Tanzania explores Africa's integral economy .... The Balamans Predict More Greater

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Following Tanzania's emerging economy in Africa, some Economics experts in the country have said that government's initiatives to enable investors to invest in economic activities and better delivery of social services will make Tanzania's economy increasingly growing.

Commenting on the concept of integrated economy, some experts have said that policy change and law enabling most citizens to own the economy are part of the criteria for making the economy grow by touching the lives of many citizens.

Executive  Secretary of the National Economic Empowerment Council, Mrs. Bengi Issa has described the concept of integrated economy as the one that economic activity directly involves the people and that legislative changes in the mining industry and in the ownership of telecommunications companies have provided opportunities for many Tanzanians to participate in the economy.

He said the implementation of free education policy from primary school to the fourth phase, enhanced healthcare, water, electricity, and the fight against corruption, social protection and implementation of projects that give people the opportunity to participate in economic development amongst them. among the qualities that make Tanzania a high priority.

"The government sets the ideal environment for citizens to engage in economic activities in various projects. We make sure that every project enters into the country then Tanzania's traders are fully involved in the implementation of the project, "explained Mrs. Bengi.

He said on behalf of the National Economic Empowerment Council have been involved in planning and policy to ensure that many Tanzanians participate in economic activities including land ownership to help them in search of capital capital.

Nae Agricultural Economy Expert who has also served as Director of ESRF Institute, Dr. Hoseana Lunogelo explains that the best governance system in Tanzania has enabled Tanzania to have a Combined Economy from citizens from the village level involved in organizing development plans that makes them look at key priorities in their areas.

In addition, Dr. Lunogelo explains that due to continuous improvement in systems and government's efforts to help more Tanzanians participate in economic activities will make Tanzania more vulnerable to the integration of integrated economy that is helping most people.

"Integrated economy is the key to peace and tranquility in the country as people are affected by the fruits of growth," explained the Economist.

Dr. Lunogelo insists on continuing to engage and to attract more economic opportunities to citizens so that this Economic Economy integration will attract more Tanzanians.

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