Smoke Gives A Blind Man ..... He wants the people to kiss him

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Retired Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye has said that the role of the MP is to defend the people of his state and not to go to the President's demands and to claim that MPs have resigned their position in favor of the President's decision not to recognize their obligations. Sumaye said in a repatriation campaign in the Kinondoni state that continues to say that for MPs who have resigned and going to another party to contest again they should never be members of Parliament because they do not recognize the meaning of the parliament. "The role of the MP is not going to advocate the President but to defend the voters, as Manlia says he has gone away and disregards the votes of the people of Kinondoni because he has been influenced by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania then appointed by the President to be a member of Parliament for his work. defend and support the President. "People who are leaving the party because the President has done good things despite the fact that I can argue with one another because we have not seen the things that you have left behind mean that you did not understand the fact that the MP" insisted that Sumaye In addition, Sumaye claimed that the Revolutionary Party (CCM) does not care for its citizens' interests because they have long been able to bring a person back to the state of Kinondoni regardless of the fact that the person has led more than one billion people to finance in a repetition option when such funds could be used to do things for the people.

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