RC Makes Away With The Choice, It's After Seeing the Life of Refugees Housing

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Dar es Salaam Regional Headman. Paul Makonda yesterday visited and gave a brief apologization to Mr. Edward Bejumula's Retirement Family and Mrs. Stella Bejumula who suffered for six years without homework after being abused by her home where she promised to wear a gambling issue to ensure justice is being done without lawbreaking.

RC Makonda visits tourists with a variety of items including Rice, Fried, Soap, Wheat, Oil, Meat, Potatoes, Beans, Sugar, Garlic, Pearls, Tomatoes for home use after the family loses all Properties.

The Story of Refugees The homes they have built after 34 years of work have hit RC Makonda until they find themselves unable to endure and tear away because of the sadness of seeing a wretched man working on the job and succeeding in building a house where the deceased comes from a person who is abusing his property.

The interests of the search for retirement rights begin immediately by questioning all persons involved in the dispute including the Bank, the Dealer, the Buyer, the Majesty Brokerage, the People's Court and the Landowners.

The current pensioners are currently living in a home-based homeowner who volunteered to relieve the family where RC Makonda thanked them for the heart he showed.

For their retired Refugees Their assets have been pleased with the act of RC Makonda to see their information on the media then to visit them and listen to their comforting act and believe in the performance of RC Makonda who earn their rights.

In addition, they thank RC Makonda for the action of bringing them food because they have lived in a life of care and lack of resources including the foods where they have prayed for God to give him knowledge to help the poor.

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