Raila Odinga was arrested on Monday

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Rujaka MP Tom J Kajwang ', who has been responsible for "swearing" for Nasa Raila Odinga's union leader at Uhuru Park Stadium on Tuesday has been arrested.

The MP has been arrested today on Wednesday afternoon with police officers who were not uniformly dressed outside the Mall Court in Nairobi.

He was arrested shortly after attending the High Court in front of Judge George Odunga to hear the case of lawsuits representing parliamentary protesters against their salaries and allowances.

Kajwang and other lawyer Miguna Miguna, were the chief managers of the events of the Uhuru Park  parks that ended up with "swearing", who demanded as 'president of the people'.

During the festive ceremony Kajwang 'was dressed in a dress and wig and was fascinated by the Nasa  supporters.

Odinga ate "oath" while Kajwang 'was standing behind her although her role in the event was still  unknown.

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