Prime Minister Opens the Crop Market

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DIRECTORS, Kassim Majaliwa has opened a grain storage store with the OTC-Lilambo crop market in the Songea Councils which cost sh. 1.5 billion.

Said President Dr. John Magufuli is committed to empowering farmers to have a safe place to store their crops and trade areas to increase productivity.

He opened the market yesterday (Thursday, January 3, 2019) on the second day of his four-day tour visit to Ruvuma district development activities.

The prime minister said he was satisfied with the construction of the market as well as warehousing as it was based on standards. The two containers have the ability to store 5,000 tons of grain.

"Despite this market giving our farmers access to marketing their products, they will also receive training on how to store their products as well as marketing information."

Likewise, the Prime Minister has commissioned the market board to ensure that it provides advertising in various media entities so farmers can export their products to the marketplace.

At the same time, the Prime Minister has asked citizens to use well-developed rainfall in the country to prepare farms, plant different food and business crops.

"I advise ward and village leaders to make sure the people in your area are preparing fields and timely planting, we want to have enough food and extra food to sell."

Initially, Acting CEO of Songea District Municipality, Martin Mtani has asked the Government to provide a machine that will enable them to arrange bridges for different grain crops.

The director has requested that the market be placed on a plan for the production of international power supply capabilities to solve the problem of inflammation.

The Director also requested the Government to assist them in integrating the market with TMX so that they can sell grain crops inside and outside the country.

The opening was attended by the Minister of State, the Office of the Prime Minister, Policy, Employment and Disabled, Jenister Mhagama and Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga.

Others are Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in East Africa, Dr. Damascus Ndumbaro, Ruvuma Regional Headquarters Christina Mndeme and other government officials.

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