Prime Minister Jafo announces favor to Siha When he accepts CCM's contest

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President of the State, Office of the Presidential Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi), Seleman Jaffo said the Government is currently looking for Sh2 billion for the completion of the construction of Siha District Hospital.

Jaffo said yesterday at Sanya High stadiums when he was in favor of the parliamentary revolutionary party of the Revolutionary Party (CCM), Dr Godwin Mollel, who recently removed Chadema and resumed the position through the ruling party.

Jaffo said the party is the Government and it is the one that can solve the challenges and problems of the people.

He said that if Mr Mollel will win, the Government will do everything possible to ensure that Siha is moving ahead and the lives of the people are improved.

Jaffo urged the province's people to elect Dr Mollel to push the Government into implementing various development projects and improving the lives of the people.

"Mollel is a leading leader, asking for the Government to collaborate with him and to assure him that he is going to make progress, and the remaining two Siha will be one of the districts that will take a great deal and do well in implementing development," he said.

"I should not make mistakes because we will deal with the problems and challenges of the people, we will solve the problem of water, improve healthcare, education, roads and make sure that all citizens have access to all the social services."

Akimnadi Dr. Mollel, CCM secretary and prosecutor, Humphrey slowly off and urged the Siha citizens to elect Mollel asked politicians to stop using the problems of citizens as a political capital.

"Time to make false politics has expired, we are now making politics dealing with the problems of the people, improving our lives and moving closer to the social services of the public and not to undermine the lives of people as political capitalization," he said slowly.

He said the development was not a party, so that the people chose Dr Mollel, who has moved to a victory team that is sure to bring them development.

Applying for a vote, Dr. Mollel said he shot a gwanda in order to deal with the problems of the people and so he asked the people to give him all the votes.

He told the people that they were aware of their 2015 contribution, so they returned the symphony to meet the challenges they faced, which they failed to solve in opposition.

"I recognize your contribution to the parliamentary meeting I received in 2015, but you sent me to read the map of development and saw what I was sending to the map of the halls and that's why I've been here as I see a map of development reads well, so give me all the votes to implement," he said.

He said he was elected on February 17, he would work with the Government to ensure they solve the challenges facing them, including the problem of water, school infrastructure, roads and land disputes

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