President of the Force Fc Alert Muhimbili ..... The court is described as harassed by Fig

UNITED STATEMENTS The Chief Justice of the Institute for Prevention and Corruption, (Takukuru), Leonard Swai has told Kisutu Judge Magistrate's Court that Evange Aveva's President of the Lion Force has been attacked by the Muhimbili National Hospital in Fig.

He has been the first accused in the case of economic misconduct where he is charged with Vice president of the Simba club, Godfrey Nyange 'Kaburu' who was present in court

Lawyer Swai has pleaded guilty to Chief Justice, Victoria Nongwa, that the investigator of the case has not yet been completed.
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He claimed that they had taken over the details of the second defendant and that they were looking for information about the first defendant who is currently ill. Afterwards, Judge Nonga has pleaded not guilty until February 8, 2011 for reference.

He has Kaburu facing five charges of accusing, submitting false documents and financing $ 300,000.

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