Pigs Wear In Nchema, Seleman Jafo for Abortion

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Chairman of CHADEMA National, Freeman Mbowe has been deeply disillusioned by the interim Minister of Interior and the Minister of Defense to call for a candidate for the CCM parliamentary candidate of the state of Siha and say their statements are full of obvious discrimination

Mabowe said on Monday when launching a campaign for MPs and a parliamentary candidate at the CHADEMA ticket in Siha state and demanding that the Ministers have been misusing their powers.

"According to the Interior Minister, Mr Nchemba, that he must elect CCM, he comes to Jafo Minister of State to tell the people of Siha so that they may be able to progress in the case of Mollel, which is a childhood.

"When we are led by the leaders of these samples, the leaders of the community, the leaders of the life of our lives thought they belonged to their father and mother, and they come to tell us the people of Siha we are writing, built on the road is not the virtue of the President," said Mbowe.

In addition, Mbowe said that in the current election if they see government cars being used for campaigns for the Revolutionary Party (CCM) candidates, they will be legitimate.

"The old Ugandan traveler like this dying death, this trip as whether or not we ask for government vehicles to serve for the Government's work we will not have a dispute but the government's vehicles and government agencies are used in any party campaigns are our lawsuits, because this country it looks like the politics of the world do not happen "he emphasized Mbowe

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