Nandy Burns About Men's Need

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Nandy's fleet musician Nandy, who now works well with his 'turbulent' song, has opened and claims that no one will be able to connect him to pedeshee, but if they want him, they will go to him.

Nandy has described it through the period of eNewz from EATV after long-term claims that the artist has led to the breakdown of the 'LFLG' group due to its former manager, Petit Man, accustomed to "trunks" while recognizing that the beautiful one comes from romantic and Bill Nas, who was also one of the artists in the group.

"I'm not able to send me as a follower as I follow my own, no one can send me to a man I have not yet come to the point." And Nandy said.

On the other hand, Nandy said he did not realize the importance of talking about non-core issues in the past while insisting that the important thing is now 'a violent' to keep the whole number of Tanzania together with their new song by Aslay 'Subalkher'.

Chairperson of CHADEMA National, Freeman Mbowe has disowned and denied the statement given by the candidate CCM's parliament of Siha State, Dr Mollel decided to move CHADEMA and go to CCM because he was forbidden to speak to CHADEMA leaders.

Mbowe said this week at the launch of the CHADEMA candidate's campaign in the state of Siha, Elvis Mosi and claims that Molle was not able to make a move and was a man who has been pleading with the People of Revolutionary Association (CCM).

"Mollel has not been prevented by someone but is a weak Dk, has no power to make a move is a man who is blaming for CCM people

".... tell my people of Siha when choosing leaders we as a party we weigh every year, this coming election will bring us back to the state or will stop the state?

"And for the various party parties in Siha thank you because you were choosing a sack of nails without knowing, he would remain for three more years in his parliamentary position CHADEMA citizens of Siha you would hate me" said Mbowe

Mbowe continued to insist that the act of Mollel's membership and resignation of the parliamentary position of the state of Siha is God's plan and it is a good thing as it would make the party hate the people.

"This is God's plan that saw the people of Siha leaving this sack of nails it would not be a good thing to ignore him and he decided to leave the party, so we did not weep for everything God's plan was, he knew that Siha had made a sack of nails"

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