Minister Lukuvi announced a serious decision in Mwanza

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NANANCH owners of 664 houses in Kigoto and Kabuhoro District of the Ilemela Local Municipality in Mwanza have to be patient while the government is looking for a solution to the conflict between them and the Police Force.

They have also been prevented from building new houses in their local areas and instead of guarding and warning those who wish to build will not have to pay compensation where they were originally required to leave and post the area after writing a seven-day notice with the police force.

Addressing the Land Minister, Housing and Housing Development, William Lukuvi said the government has heard their cry and has come to investigate the crisis in order to make a decision to resolve it.

 He said the government wants to understand the needs of the people and the police and warn the citizens living in those areas not hesitant to build more than existing buildings and those who will not be paid compensation.

"I have come to look at this crisis and to consider this in order for the government to make a decision. Do not think I have answers, the answers will be released within one year but do not hesitate to add more houses, to be the guards of these areas and we want you to be a good place to end it, "said Lukuvi.

The Minister of State emphasized after the inquiry would advise President John Magufuli how to end the crisis between the people and the government institution.

Lukuvi described the Kigongo area where the police allegedly wanted to build a police campus, sailors and boat trucks and patrol ships can be built anywhere but the area should be resettled even if the use is changed as it is impossible for people to live in the outskirts.

"For 70 years to date why construction was not banned, there were no leaders here and what you could share would help them prevent. Did feasibility occur in the area where you want to build the pole of the boat boats?

In addition, on behalf of their colleagues, Ferdinand Mtundubalo told the minister that they had no problem with the construction of a boat boats unless they were relocated to their homes to escape the crisis.

At another point, Lukuvi asked the representatives of the Ilemela Municipal Council to sign up the Mwanza Airport and the JWTZ (IWW) squad for each of them to wait.

He also advised the location of the remaining enrollment after the JWTZ airport relocation would be allocated to 1,961 local people and about Mwanza Road -The decision by President Magufuli's decision remains respected.

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