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The defendants today, Thursday, January 25, 2012, have arrived at the Mbeya Magistrate's Court for initiating a witness after the Republic's termination and closing of their testimony.

The Republic has presented five witnesses in court with two illustrations including a recorded sound.

After the court proceedings were completed to start the testimony, lawyer Boniface Mwabukusi representing Sugu and Masonga asked the magistrate Mteite saying his clients had something to explain to the Court.

When the judge was allowed to speak, Sugu, who is the first accused in the case, has said from within himself that he has considered his case and conduct and has made a decision to reject a judge because he has no faith in him for three reasons.

He said, "I would like to inform the Court that I have considered the proceedings of this case, I am the first accused Joseph Mbilinyi, and I see that I reject you judge from the following: first; I have never seen a judge as biased (as a biased) as you are, who denied me without legal reasons and the Constitution. "

"Second, yesterday I have witnessed a tape recorder in the hands of a state lawyer my lawyer (Mwabukusi) denied and attacked my lawyer that while giving him (the lawyer) he was from the time I was here I did not see. Now what act I see you judge has interest (interest) against me, "he said.

He said, "But yesterday you confessed that in this case you suffer, so I am a Christian, so that I do not give you trouble and suffering I ask you to refuse and be charged with another judge who will run this case freely and fairly."

He said for those reasons he is asking to refuse the judge.

At the request of Sugu, Magistrate Magistrate granted Masonga a chance who also refused to give a similar position to Sugu.

For its reasons, Masonga said, "Yesterday, when you made a decision to receive a referendum from the Republic, the tape recorder and the registrar, the judge told your court that you were legally allowed when the Republic agreed to be accepted as Id (identity) but the register was received as controller. But your decision was still different from the side of the Republic. "

He said, "When you made a decision when we asked you for a guarantee, you said you agree with both sides of the defense (defense and the Republic). And the Republic said for our security (the defendants), they demand that we not be given a guarantee. And you in your decision have taken into account their arguments but you have taken into consideration our reasons because it is our legal and constitutional right. And your decision said it restrains the collateral because you want this case to go faster, without discussing the issues brought before you. "

Magistrate Mteite said he had considered these arguments and had to make a decision after an hour.

Former Prime Minister, Edward Lowassa and former Foreign Minister in the Fourth Phase Government, Bernard Membe have asked in the misery of the mother of Archbishop of the Church of the Resurrection and Life, Josephat Gwajima.

Membe and Lowassa met today on January 25, 2012 at the home of Bishop Gwajima, Salasala district in Kinondoni.

The two were acting in the CCM's polls to approve the ruling party's candidate for the presidential election in 2015.

In the process the name of the Lowassa was initially cut, while Membe was among the five candidates approved by the CCM General Committee. They were defeated by John Magufuli who dismissed the CCM flag in the election and emerged with victory.

Ruth Basondole, a mother of bishop Gwajima, died at age 84

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