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The world's rich and businessman Bill Gates has warned US president Donald Trump on the standardization of his "US First" policy that it can destroy the country's relations with the continent.

He said at a World Economic Forum (WEF) conference held in Davos, Switzerland, where he said that there should be a balance of strong and powerful forces.

He said the United States could lose its influence in Africa while China's countries are increasingly strengthening the continent by investing in various sectors.

Bill Gates is a member of the African Union called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who has been actively involved in providing health services in several countries.

However, President Trump said he would receive a health budget support of around $ 2.2 billion in the world fund, irritating African leaders to call them the most controversial African nations.

The case against MP Singida East (Chadema), Tundu Lissu and the editors of the Newspaper Magistrate's Court at the Kisutu Magistrate's Court, has been postponed until February 26.

Government attorney, Elia Athanas yesterday told Chief Justice Magistrate Thomas Simba that the case was scheduled to be referred to and that until now they have not known the case of the fourth defendant Lissu.

The case, which is in the process of hearing a prosecution witness, is facing Lissu and his fellow Simon Mkina, Jabir Idrisa and Ismail Mehbooh's Jamana Company.

In the case of the accused, they face five charges including inscribing inflammatory information contrary to the 2002 Newspaper Act.

It is reported that January 12 to 14, 2016 in Dar es Salaam, charged with Jabir, Mkina and Lissu, wrote and published the press statement with the headline, 'The Disorder comes to Zanzibar.'

In the second case they were allegedly on January 14, 2016, to publish the information in order to bring an offense against the people of Zanzibar.

Prosecutor Mehboob is allegedly on January 13, 2016 in the Jamana Municipal Assembly of Ilala Municipality, published a magistrate's newspaper containing insults.

It is alleged that the defendant also published the magazine without submitting a copy of the law of the oath to the Registry Registrar.

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