Information for Media Tools: Dr. Dispensing Explains the Occasion of Occupation In the Kilombero River Basin

President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Brewery Magufuli has visited an elderly actor, Elder Majuto at the Hope Hospital in Dar es Salaam where he is lying in custody.

Speaking immediately after the visit of the President, Elder Majuto has been dissolved and claiming he is the first person to predict President Huge Magufuli's arrival in the head of the country of Tanzania, stating that he feels comforted to see strong stability.

"I am the first person to predict that as President it will be a transaction. Thank you very much for this master, we have found the President not all the people right now they have their folks know what the meaning of work is, "said Majuto.

Elder Majuto went on to say, "Elderly we are now comforting, manufacturing all the cornerways and today has come to the hospital here I do not know  if others do not go there in fear because they do not want to pay. This is the pleasure of getting the right leaders ".

On the other hand, Elder Majuto has said it is not easy to get a President who has no positions and does not have such a role as Dr. John Magufuli

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