Give Nnau a challenge to the Government

MP Nape Nyeyeye today The government has challenged the Government on the cost of connecting electricity and advises to continue to charge 27,000 thousand even after the REA project passes where they will begin to load 177,000 connecting electricity. Nape Nnauye gave the advice when she got an opportunity to ask an additional question in Parliament to go to the Ministry of Energy "First, I will extend the Government under the Ministry of Energy for the good work they have done in the good distribution of rural electricity in particular REA phase 3, since the cost of connecting electricity while it goes on is 27,000 thousand and in the case of 177,000 and as a large number of good Electrical users are a good business for TANESCO why this price is not one of 27 thousand "said Nape Nnauye Image result for lowassa However, Nape Nnauye continued to emphasize that if that would not be possible, then REA should continue with the placement of pillar and infrastructure and TANESCO should work one of the power supply and collect the tax after sending electricity. Deputy Minister of Energy Ministry answered the argument and claimed that he had received the recommendation of the Mtama MP and that he would send at other levels and see what the Government would do "The idea he said my year Nape Nnau will be accepted and will be operational because it is fundamental because our Ministry and our organization of TANESCO and other energy stakeholders are selling this product so it is best for us to shop to get more customers to earn and operate different activities and new investments. areas energy "

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