Fire consumers a house, Five Survivors

Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Dr Hamis Kigwangala has called for a police force to arrest four men who plotted for the murder of tourist inspector Wayne Lotter last year in Dar es Salaam, not to report to President John Magufuli.

Dr. Gwangalla said the people who planned to commit the killings were four and four prominent.

"I know four leading guys have been involved in planning a killer tourist killer at Wayne Lotter," said Dr Kigwangalla

The statement has given time to journalists in Dodoma today on January 25, 2018 and emphasizes that over 100 days, its ministry has identified 74 networks of poachers with 949 members.

He said some of the 949 people have already been sentenced to court to plead guilty charges while others are waiting to appear in court.
Five people have survived death after their homes are burned in fire.

The incident took place at night on Thursday, January 25, 2012, in the western district of B, Unguja.

The source of fire is described as an electrical error in the home they were living in.

West Coast Regional Police Commander, Hassan Nassir Ali, said fire had occurred at least one hour.

Tomorrow Makame survived the catastrophe said the fire broke out as soon as they were swearing.

He said they lost everything in it.

About the fire source is described may be an electrical error in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow has asked the Government and the general public to help them because they have nothing at all.

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