BREAKING: Dr. Wilbrod Slaa Meet President Magufuli today the capital in Dar es Salaam

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Hon. Dr. Slaa congratulates Her. President Magufuli and his Fiveth Phase Government for optimistic vision and courage to implement major interests in the country including major projects such as the Standard Gauge construction, the Flyover Highway ) at Nyerere and Mandela's highways (Tazara), an electric production project in the Rufiji River (Stieglers' Gorge) and the fight against corruption and corruption. "I really feel comfort, I'm happy "Today I say I am happy that what I was shouting is being implemented because I've seen, now something bigger, fantasy in development has no productivity, politics in politics and they do not have productivity, as I have previously explained politics is science, there are those who think politics are misleading and politics is deception but politics is science, and politics as science has its foundations, and its fundamentals were a problem and the problem is solved, and now what we say is this, we had an electrical problem, the Stieglers' Gorge began to be built, and other major projects are being implemented, these are the basic elements "he said. Dr. Slaa. For her part. President Magufuli praised Hon. Dr. Slaa for her patriotic heart and said she decided to appoint her Ambassador as she realized she would be able to fight for the interests of Tanzania wherever she was scheduled to represent it. "Dr. Slaa informed me that he was coming and asked if he would like to come and see me today, we have talked a lot of things and he promised me that he would be doing his job well in the country where he was going to be Ambassador. "Yes. Dr. Wilbrod Slaa is a clean man, he speaks from the heart and loves Tanzania and I, from his heart of hatred and hate of robbery, decided to appoint him Ambassador. " President Magufuli. At the same time, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and Commander General of the United Nations. Dr. John Brewery Magufuli has met with senior officials of the Tanzania People's Defense Force (JWTZ) who retire after completing the age. Dear friends. President Magufuli is Chief Justice James Mwakibolwa, former Chief of the JWTZ and Chief Justice Michael Isamuhyo, former National Defense Force (JKT). Others are Brigadier General Aron Lukyaa, General Brigadier William Kivuyo, Brigadier General Elizaphani Marembo and Colonel Peter Samegi. Speaking after the allegations, Lieutenant General Mwakibolwa praised Him. President Magufuli for appointing JWTZ's General Secretary and said he leaves and leaves the army with discipline, obedience, patriotism and leniency. Major General General Assembly with thanksgiving. President Magufuli said he is pleased to leave JKT if it has been enhanced in its role, including industrial construction, agriculture and the strengthening of training for patriotism.

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