Billions of JPM have remained six days

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Billions promised by President John Magufuli for various bidders are expected to be released from the next six days as promised from the verification exercise at the final stage.

On January 3, this year, President Magufuli said he would pay a variety of internal debt guaranteed according to Shs. 200 billion allocated in February.

"The economy is going very well, we have a lot of money." I have planned for the next month (February), local debtors who claim it: bidding suppliers at colleges and schools, contractors and staff as teachers will pay, "said President Magufuli shortly after meeting with the Governor. New Bank's new, Florens Luoga Headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

"Of all the debt that will be guaranteed if it is not a debt, the next month I will give 200 billion to pay off debt," she said.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ben Mwaipaja, yesterday said the verification continued to be carried out in various areas, to satisfy the fact that the debt was.

"The verification is currently under way and from February the President's order will be implemented to all those who have been assured and satisfied with their debt we will continue to pay for payment is sustainable," explained the Manager.

When Magufuli spoke to the council, he said he could give earlier these funds, but he saw there was a need to verify the relevant debts and after completion of the process he would allow them to be taken to the people.

In addition, President Magufuli commissioned Luoga Governor to cooperate with the Ministry of Finance and Planning so that local government creditors could be paid as a means of promoting the economy as Shs. 200 billion will spread to the population.

"I'm sure it will help the loyal, tax collectors, I will ensure debt debtors are not lying to earn money to help them do business," said President Magufuli

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