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ACT Secretary-General Dorothy Semu, secretary general secretary, expects to conduct a professional tour in five mainland areas of Tanzania in line with various party leaders.

The eight-day tour will begin  on January 30, 2018 to February 6, 2018 in the Kahama regions, the Specialty Region of Kichama, Kigoma, Katavi, Shinyanga, Tabora and Kigoma.

In addition the statement of the Party has noted that the secretary will be accompanied by Ndg. Wilson Mshumbusi who is Chairman of the National Congress of the Elders, Ndg. Janeth Rithe, who is the Secretary of Parliament and Local Government, together with the Secretary of Policy and Research Ndg. Idrisa for the Wall.

One of the roles that Dorothy Semu will do is to inspect the life of the Party, to organize party building instructions, to listen to addresses and challenges of members and to provide solutions.

The leaders have been complaining to the NEC that they conducted minor elections in the province when appeals against the Supreme Court's decision to unlawful parliamentary Ole Nangole had not been issued.

However, the Court of Appeal said the long-term election held Longido was legitimate because there was no appeal in court there.

Deputy Registrar of the Appeal Court, Elizabeth Mkwizu said there is no appeal against the Longido election court in the court there, but there is an application.

"Here we do not have Longido State election appeal, but there is an application to extend the notice of appeal" notice of appeal ". They brought a notice of appeal but were dismissed, so they are asking for time to re-submit them, "he added and added:

"The application is not appealing, so the applications would not stop the election activities."

According to the sessions of the Appeals Court, the application was scheduled to hear by Judge Jacob Mwambegele on February 5.

During the hearing of the application,  the applicant through his or her lawyers will be obliged to give reasons to justify the Court and why he was delayed in submitting the appeal appeal.

If the Court does not meet its reasons, it will end the application but be satisfied with it will allow him to submit the appeal statement.

After submitting that statement,  he or she will be expected to obtain a referral record, namely the documents that will be involved in his appeal, including the judgment he or she prepares, the basic case proceedings and the illustrations used.

Upon receipt of the documents,  he will then submit a full appeal, which is why he denies the ruling that has raided the parliament of the province, and on the other hand (the appeal) and the Court will submit its arguments and after the Court will hear the arguments of the case and will decide.

Ole Nangole was detained by the Supreme Court of Arusha on June 29, 2016 due to the electoral case opened by the former chairman of the seat for CCM ticket, Dr Steven Kiruswa against his victory.

After the court  dismissed parliament,  Ole Nangole through lawyers John Materu and Dancan Oola submitted a statement of appeal appeal against the judgment.

However,  the appeal appeal was dismissed by the Court due to legal deficiencies.

After being dismissed, since the 14-day legal appeal date was over, they submitted an application for the extension of the report.

The application was also dismissed by the Arusha High Court, and appealed to the Court of Appeal.

In addition, the Secretary-General will also investigate the progress of the party's internal election exercise. The visit has also been described as focusing on members of the ACT Patriarchs of the area.

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