After President Magufuli, President Shein has given his position about the time to stay in power

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President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary House, Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein said he was not ready to extend leadership from five to seven years since doing so was violating the constitution of Zanzibar.

Dr Shein insisted that he vowed to defend the constitution of Zanzibar so he could not change the time of leadership and no one would make him or her to remain in power.

President Dr Shein said yesterday at Abeid Peace Station Karume Airport in Zanzibar Island when he was speaking to journalists as a return visit from a weekend visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when he grew up with his wife, Mom Mrs. Shein.

"I respect the constitution of Zanzibar, and I have the law of Zanzibar. My time will come when I will leave too fast. No one will force me to stay, or who will attract me to stay "said President Dr Shein.

In addition, Dr. Shein said that he heard representatives in the House of Representatives talking about it, but they did not have to discuss it because they did so in accordance with the law, but he is not ready to spend time.

"They talked to council representatives, have the right to talk, according to their procedures and their rules and anyone else can talk. I heard when they were talking, one representative said that there were some worlds around the world for five years, so why are we not seven years old! "

President Dr. Shein said that, seven years might probably be after he left but do not think there is such a thing.

"I do not say, we will not say, and no one will force me to say" concluded President Shein, stating that, after his end he will take his wife away and tell her to leave

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